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GoFood: Great Food on Your Schedule.  Step 1 Pick up your GoFood Box.  Step 2 Fill your box and take it to go. Step 3 Trade in your box for a fresh one.  GoFood meals are limited to once per day.
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Campus life is hectic.  Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from using a meal swipe to get a good meal. When you’re short on time, use GoFood to take a meal from the dining hall to go.   

  • All unlimited meal plan holders are automatically enrolled in GoFood; you just need to pick up your first reusable container at the cashier stand of any dining hall. 

  • Fill your container with your selections and take your GoFood with you to enjoy. 

  • Rinse and return your empty container for new one or take a carabiner you trade later for a fresh box.   

  • You can use GoFood for one meal per day.  When using GoFood, you cannot remain in the dining hall to eat.   

  • Students who lose GoFood containers will be charged a $10 replacement fee.  All boxes must be returned at the end of the semester.